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There are Great Lakes. And then there’s Lake Superior – the largest freshwater lake in the world, and the coldest, deepest and cleanest. We fish the waters of the Apostle Islands, off the northern Wisconsin coast. In this unique ecosystem, whitefish, lake trout, walleye, lake herring and dozens of other species thrive.

The weather here can be unpredictable and the waters unforgiving, but the rewards are indisputable. We catch some of the finest freshwater fish on the planet – delicate in flavor, firm of flesh, and rich in nutrients. These aren’t hatchery or pen-raised fish; each is wild caught from self-sustaining fish stocks jointly managed by tribal and state biologists. Tribal fishermen follow strict procedures for onboard sanitation and quality control, and they deliver their catch daily to our zero-waste processing facility, where fish offal is composted for community agriculture. The catch is processed exclusively by Red Cliff Fish Co. employees as part of a producer-driven, community-supported food system that offers a year-round product inventory, creates jobs, and preserves our rich Tribal heritage. From net to plate, we’ve taken out the middleman to bring you the Pride of Superior.

Wild from the water


Boasting medium-firm flesh with a delicate, light flavor similar to salmon, Lake Superior whitefish are rich in protein, vitamins, minerals and omega-3s (more even than in pink and sockeye salmon). This is an exceptionally versatile fish, perfect for a wide array of dishes, and is delicious year-round. Ours are available fresh and flash frozen and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

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Deeply flavorful

Lake Trout

At home in cool, deep waters, lake trout are rich in flavor and nutrition, with more omega-3 content than pink and sockeye salmon. Populations of lake trout plummeted due to overfishing in the ‘50s, but careful fisheries management and other measures have since returned this delicious and highly versatile fish to sustainable levels – good news for everyone who loves a truly Superior catch.

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A local favorite


Relatively unknown in much of the United States, walleye are a very popular favorite in the northern Midwest (particularly Minnesota) among eaters and anglers alike. While mild in flavor, they’re rich in protein and omega-3s, firm of flesh, and are well-suited for a variety of preparations. By the way, their name refers to the fish’s opaque, cloudy-looking eye, which is caused by a reflected layer of pigment that helps the walleye see in low light.

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Photo courtesy of John Lyons, Wisconsin DNR
Deliciously versatile

Lake Herring

We are proud to bring you this versatile, flavorful fish, which is as nutritious as it is delicious, with the same omega-3 content as sockeye salmon. In addition to seasonal fresh lake herring fillets (most abundant in October and November), we offer frozen fillets, as well as smoked varieties year-round. Roe is also available. Like all our offerings, lake herring is wild caught from self-sustaining stocks.

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Unique to the region

Specialty Products

Red Cliff Fish Company offers a wide variety of products, including fresh and frozen fish along with our own smoked whitefish, lake trout, and lake herring, available whole, in skin-on and skin-off filets, and chunks, as well as caviar, dips/spreads and more. Offerings vary by day and by season. For retail purchase, contact our market.

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